Lifting using PRO THREAD implants

Jalor threads is a new lifting method based on the implanting of multiple Polydioxanone (PDO) mini threads, creating a vectorial network that acts as support for the tissue providing an immediate visible lifting effect while also favouring natural collagen production.

Treatment is relatively simple and fast (15-30 minutes).It involves the insertion of small needles loaded with Polydioxanone (PDO) mini threads that remain in the skin once the needles are removed.

The effectiveness of the treatment is clearly visible after 2-3 weeks, infact day by day the patient will be able to see on its skin a significant improvement in the complexion and skin texture.
The PDO threads are gradually reabsorbed over a period of 6 to 8 months via biological absorption or hydrolysis but the results can last between one and two years, depending on the characteristics of each patient. In fact the effect is not only connected to the time of permanence but also to the endogenous stimulation promoted by the threads. They produce an increase in collagen around the threads. Although the effects are immediately apparent, maximum tension is reached some time later (between two to three months).

It is advisable to carry out maintaining treatments in order to provide continuity to the results. The treatment stimulates skin rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity and brighter skin tone. Treatment can be carried out at the Doctor’s surgery with only local anaesthetic required. No hospitalisation required.

No allergic reactions or rejection. No side effects.
The availability of a variety of different needle sizes facilitates treatment and adaptation to distinct areas and patient characteristics.

It also has therapeutic effects, in fact improves tissue and enhancing blood and lymph circulation, reduce skin stress and slows down aging, delaying the biological clock, regenerate naturally the production of collagen and elastin, proving a more rested appearance.

Excellent results in both face and body lifts.