Latest Generation Of highly purified
hyaluronic acid
With specific amino acids mix to For the best skin hydration,
and redensification
Peptyform® 2% & Revyform® h2, after years of continuous cosmetology researches, are the new products designed for the revitalization of the face and body with a mix between the various ingredients ensures a synergy of proven effectiveness and reliability. +Tonicity +Brightness +Firmness The unique formula guarantees high skin redensification and hyperhydration to both face and body, increasing, with only a few treatments, tonicity, brightness and firmness. Revyform® h2, with a medium molecular weight, is able to perform both deep stimulation as well as superficial hydration of the skin. Hyaluronic acid of Peptyform® 2% (100mg / 5ml) has instead a medium / high molecular weight that allow us an action in deep layers of skin by stimulating the production of proteins responsible of the consistency and elasticity of the skin also reducing the depth of wrinkles and skin depressions.
Major biological
changes in the skin
Reduced turnover of the epidermis, with impaired barrier function Reduced elimination of chemical properties substances of dermis Impaired wound healing Impaired thermoregulation Reduced ability to synthesize vitamin D Reduced production of collagen, elastic and relicular fibers Reduced ability to repair DNA damage The relationships between
cells and ecm are complex
The cells produce the different matrix costituents and also regulate their three-dimensional lay-out.
The ECM is not inert but performs an important monitoring role on cellular functions.
Peptyform® 2% & Revyform® h2 acts on the structure of the ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix), it is essential for the regeneration of fibrous preteins such as collagen and elastin, and for the metabolism of the skin, as it provides the scaffolding which supports cell migration and maintain the correct polarity of the cells for the reconstruction of tissues multilayered structures damaged by Cronoaging. Thanks to the presence of fibroblasts, the matrix structure can be repaired and regenerated in a few minutes. The fibroblast plays an essential role in the protection of the living cell, restoring continuously the three-dimensional lattice structure that surrounds it.
Very high
concentration of
HA hyaluronic acid
biostimulating and
redensificating mix
Viscoelastic hydrogel uniqueness is its totally natural origin, since the hyaluronic acid present in the formula derives from a particular non-pathogenic probiotic bacterium used in food fermentations and of vegetable origin.
Peptyform® 2% & Revyform® h2 contain one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in the medical device, perfect for rehydration and toning of skin tissues.
In addition they contains proline and glycine amino acids that, associated with 0.01% of calcium hydroxyapatite, perform a powerful biostimulation of the fibroblasts in the production of new collagen, and slow down the reabsorption of the hyaluronic acid itself.
Extreme versatility
of treatments and…
The are multiple areas on which to use this adcanced medical device There are various techniques used, from the classic series of micro wheals (picotage) to the cross-linked or linear retrograde in case of deeper wrinkles (such as the nasogeneenes). Peptyform® 2% & Revyform® h2 are indicated not only for face and body revitalization but also for delicate areas such as hands, neck, decollete, eye contour including the treatment of dark circles (in this case we recommend the use of peripheral venous catheter). In all cases be careful not to hyper correct or inject more that necessary in one single area because although the product is natural and totally reabsorbable, an excess quantity could cause rare and annoying edema that could last a few days. …Defferent modes
of use
Before and after Laser treatments Treatment before and after PDO Threads Treatment pre and post peeling Alternative or complementary to other therapies Used regularly and continuously as prevention of skin aging To rehydrate and give new light to the skin in particular conditions / situations To increase the effects of filler treatments For the maintance of achieved results Compendium For Fillings With Dermal Fillers
Eye contour • Eye bags • Neck • Decollete • Face • Periocular zones • Lip contour • Hands • Feet • Glutes • Abdomen • Internal thighs • Stretch marks abdomen • All body lines
Administration is allowed only by specialized medical personnel Each pack contains 2 pre-filled syrenges of 2.5 ml each Composizione: Sodium hyaluronate 18 mg/ml, CaHA hydroxyapatite 0.01%, Glycine and L-Proline Medium molecular weight: deep stimulation and superficial hydration
Administration is allowed only by specialized medical personnel Each pack contains 2 pre-filled syrenges of 2.5 ml each Composizione: Sodium hyaluronate, L-hydroxyproline, L-proline, L-lysine, Glycine, Sodium phosfate monobasic monohydrate, Sodium phosfate dibasic, wfi grade water Medium / high molecular weight: tensor, protective effect, excellent hydration, new collagen formation
& The use of both formulas in the treatment provides continuous stimulation to fibroblasts responsible for collagen and elastin production
Revyform H2 & Peptyform 2% contain one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in the medical device sector,
perfect for rehydration and toning of skin tissues.
Regenerative program
Time in months
Mature Skins suggested amount of serial treatment*
Young Skins suggester amount of serial treatment*
First Second Third Fourth Fifth
3 2 2/1 1 1
2 2/1 1 1 1
* The doctor, depending on the type of patient (age, skin conditions, area to be treated etc.), can change the program modified by increasing of decreasing applications. For better and longer lasting results, the alternation of Peptyform® 2% & Revyform® h2 is recommended.
Real results